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I am a longtime fan who has been around the block more than once. I am a plushie maker and videographer, among other things (my other exploits are a matter of national security).


Roseluck is best pony with Maud and Twilight close behind (although Maud is my spirit animal). I would say I am the biggest Roseluck fan but I highly doubt anybody would try 

to depose me. Having that title is like winning ten cents in the lottery. 


One time I made Ingrid Nilson cry because I gave her a plushie in Minneapolis. She later gave it to the charity auction and signed another Maud plushie of mine for me for free.


In Milwaukee I learned that Andrea Libman's language rating changes when she is away from the public. It took me a while to recover after hearing such terse words come from such a sweet lady

who sounds like Pinkie Pie in her normal voice.


Here is a link to my plushies:


I guess I will share my YouTube channel since my old distribution method just collapsed (thanks Channel Awesome). There is some pony related stuff although I focus on other cartoons.

If you want pony stuff my old lets play channel has more of that. Anybutt, here is the link:



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Welcome here ! :gleepony:

Yes, don't you know that real life is paradoxally where every ponies lies to their own benefits ? You can be yourself only when people are not watching you.

But I'm still curious a bit about what could she say so terrible...

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