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Guest Gameshark

Discord Moderator Application

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Guest Gameshark

Applying for: Discord Moderator


Username on Discord: Gameshark#4903


Reasons for becoming an EqD Mod: 

I have been part of the EqD community for a long time, at least when it comes to chat rooms. I used to be a regular in the Steam chatroom of EqD under the username Dinky Doo, and I have made many friends and colleagues there that I still spend time with now and then. I have modding experience in multiple non-pony servers and I feel like I can contribute to the team with my understanding of the people in the Discord as well as my grasp of the rules itself. I also see that you dont have many mods in the SEA timezones, which is where I live; when I am online on EqD Discord there's usually only one or two mods on the server, sometimes even just one. I can fill a valuable time slot for the moderating team if you let me and help lighten the burden of those on the night shift for America. I also have a lot of time to be on Discord due to the circumstances of my life, and I am usually on for up towards 19 hours most of the time a I work from home and my work allows it. As for the community, I simply love the regulars in chat and I love the camaraderie and people who regularly go, and I always look forward to talking to all the wonderful people in chat when I wake up in the morning. So if you let me give my services, I can assure you that I can be quite a good moderator in my own right and I hope you put my application into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Prior Experience:

  • Had a star on EqD Steam Group Chat and used to help out the mods when I was a regular (I was known as Dinky Doo there circa 2011 - 2014
  • Modding experience on small community gaming forums that are sadly long defunct
  • Modded several chatrooms in IRC, mostly for music and Pokemon server
  • Modded online chatrooms, mostly things for humanitarian purposes or other generalist servers


Timezones and modding schedule:


Time Zone: PHT (UTC +8)

My probable schedule: 5 AM UTC +8 - 12 AM UTC +8  of the next day (so in terms of UTS its 9 PM UTS to - 4 PM UTS of the next day)


Other stuff:

I have to say that the EqD Discord is like my family, and that I am very much in good relations with a lot of the people there. A lot of the guys there like T6, Platinum, Tenda, Glim, Sky, Nova, Turtl, Dino, Jelly, and whoever else I truly respect and very much enjoy talking to. The mod team is some of the best I've seen, and they put in a lot of hard work to make the server a good place and enjoyable for everyone. I would just like to thank you for even reading this application; I truly want to help out and I think I have something to contribute to the team overall if you let me. The EqD Discord has been a big part of my life recently, and I feel like I can contribute well for the betterment of the team and server as a whole!


Thank you for reading!

Gameshark007, known as Sharky to the Discord group!

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