Patch that Plot Hole!

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In this game, all of us take turns sharing and patching up plot holes to any movie, tv series, literature, video game, or any other kind of media of our choice.


Whoever participates responds to the plot hole listed by the user directly above by offering an explanation for it, being as logical, absurd, or lazy as they please (you don't even have to have seen or read the original source to participate), but then follows up with another plot hole to be fixed.


To start it off...


In Toy Story, if Buzz doesn't believe he's a toy, then why does he know to freeze up whenever humans are near?

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He's imitating the local customs of the strange alien tribe he's made contact with.

or, alternatively

Giants are like T-Rexes, they can only see movement.

In the Dark Knight Rises, how does Batman get back to Gotham so quickly after escaping the Pit?

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