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Forum Moderator Application

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Name: Nightwing or Umbra

Which position are you applying for? Forum Moderator

If Sectional/Forum Mod, which section(s)?  Gaming General and TF2.

Why do you want to be an EQD Mod? I've wanted to be an EQD mod for quite some time, as I think I would be a great addition to the current staff. I also plan on frequenting these forums a lot more, so making sure the community is following the rules and being nice to each other would probably enhance my forum experience.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have if any? I've had admin experience on a small scale RP forum before. It was kinda fun making new forum sections for people to roleplay in.

Time Zone/Times you'll be able to moderate: CST. My schedule is extremely flexible, although I'm typically not on from 7 am to 10 am usually.

Anything else you'd like to share: I'd like to say that I have a genuine interest in helping the forum community, whether it be setting an example or enforcing the rules.

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