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Hi I'm new and Working on One Massive Project..

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I love to doodle, write poetry and telling stories.. I'm working on a major project 4 movies and 3 tv series It is very massive and I'm solo in this Journey however joined  with 

Step 1.)  The Story of Crystal Frost is Massive she is the core of the 4 movies. Bulk of her story is very well planned out. 

The Kingdom of Long Heart Stone and beyond is the world that took me 4 days to create... It is massive

Step 2) Charecters all New and yes I Illustrate my work. Yes I created them all 58 done so far more in the works.. 

Step 3) Log lines for 3 movies done.. and yes the 3 movies are all well planned out.. Many episodes are already created so far, and more are popping from my head 

Step 4) Some Poetic Songs... 

This is one Mega Ultra Massive Project. And yes I can Do this. Once my project is complete 

Movies with log line plot completed for all 4

All Illustrations completed for each new character, Crystal Frost  being the Core..

No I'm not selling any of my creations..however I will team up with the Entertainment industry to bring Crystal Frost Story the Kingdom of Long Heart Stone and Beyond to Life 

Yes 5 chapters are already written so far.. Long way to go. 

The Movie Poster and or Book  Cover.. by RaphLunaCrystal Frost  Learns to fly by RaphLuna


This i one massive project however It will be one Story you will never forget.. 

Hugs RaphLuna








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