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what movies would you rewrite?

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what movies would you rewrite if given the chance?

here are some of mine

Star wars the last jedi I felt like it was rushed in a few places

Thomas and the magic railroad I would've kept the scenes with PT boomer and change a few things here and there


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There a plenty of movies that I have enjoyed and many are still considered to be my favorites today. However, it's best to consider that some movies can be edited to be better movies instead of not making back it's intended budget at the box office. I can agree that Thomas and the Magic Railroad should have been redone entirely. For some background information, Thomas and Friends began airing in the UK in 1984. American audiences didn't get to see the first season until 1989. Simply put, this movie was made by an American studio, not a British studio. Essentially, HIT Entertainment Americanized Thomas and Friends to the point that between seasons 8-15, the characters were acting like children. For example, Skarloey is based on Talyllyn, the first locomotive of the Talyllyn Railway that the Reverend Wilbert Awdry volunteered for.  The locomotive Talyllyn is now more than 150 years old, but it was completely out of character for Skarloey to act childish. 


My apologies for going off topic, but I would say that any movie that had a poor rating can be redone if done correctly and in a professional manner. 

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