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5 minutes ago, Aaargh Zombies said:

Not that I'm exceedingly jealous or anything, but where do people get all of the money from to buy this stuff?

Stock broker, or drug dealer?


My drugs are ponies!! 

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Your collection is very impressive. I've collected all but three issues of Friends Forever as of this point in time, but I've missed a fair number from the main comic line--many because they didn't interest me and others because I wasn't part of the fandom at the time.

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On 8/28/2016 at 4:58 PM, ramivic said:

I was fortunate to get some of the Trixie issue by Agnes Garbowska







and of course some sketches from Agnes Garbowska





some beautiful watercolors from Katie Cook




The Illustrious Q over a year ago suggested to get the different artists to do our family in OC ponies (Vanilla Flan, Crescent Song and Broccoli Stalk)


By Agnes Garbowska



By Jay Fosgitt



By Jenn Blake



By Thom Zahler



By Andy Price





Oh, my God, ME GUSTA!

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2 minutes ago, The Illustrious Q said:

Your collection is looking Vic!

Thanks!! One day I will have everything photographed!!!!

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On 2016-08-25 at 3:22 PM, The Illustrious Q said:

This is the place to show off those collections of my Little Pony Comics—and related memorabilia—that you've spent so much money and worked so long and hard to put together. However, before we get started showing off, I'm going to lay down a couple of ground rules.

1. Keep things civil. I know we all think the world of our collections and believe that our collection is the best, but that doesn't give anyone the right to degrade someone else's collection.

2. This thread is for showing off your collections. It is not for posting what you have for sale, or what you're looking to add to your collection. I will update this thread if we ever add a location for trading, but until then please stay on topic.

3. Have fun and brag, brag, brag!

Collecting comics is a social activity. This thread is full of fellow comic collectors. For some reason I have a feeling there's going to be a lot common ground for people to talk about.

Now without further ado, here is my collection!

The Illustrious Q's Complete IDW My Little Pony Comic Checklist!

Cool, thanks for information and your time! 

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This is the first time when I actually collect comic books. Blame ponies! Anything for them :3

My philosophy says that issues always have advertisements and are not very durable. The other thing trade paperbacks: no ads, thicker cover, complete story arcs. Also, don't they look extra neat on a shelf with those spines with names and volume numbers?



I would collect the hardcovers, but there is only one of these with hardcover format. Yes, there are also Adventures in Friendship, but those are compilations of stories from of Pony Tales and Friends Forever, and it makes no sense to me to collect them since I already have started collecting TPBs. For similar reason I don't go for omnibuses. I already had a bunch of TPBs when the first one came out. Plus they are smaller. So, definitive collecting option TPB volumes are for me (plus few exceptions)!





- Friendship is Magic - Vol 1-11

- Pony Tales - Vol 1 & 2

- Friends Forever - Vol 1- 8

- FIENDship is Magic

- Equestria Girls



- Annual 2013 (I got one despite having Equestria Girls covering it because of the short story titled "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer". For some reason it doesn't exist in Equestria Girls volume)

- Annual 2014


Art is Magic (Makes sense to get an art-book of the comics that I like ^_^)


- Animated - Vol 1-7 (These are not exactly comics with original art or stories. These are pretty much key episodes from the show turned into a comic. They are also published by IDW. I always thought that this is a very neat idea. Sorry if it doesn't belong here)


I was even lucky to acquire a Sunny print from Tony Fleecs himself, and a hand-drawn headshot of Sunny from Andy Price.




Oh, and I got from Andy this big print, which in my opinion is the most hilariously byoutiful thing ever!


He even drew me a Twilie in the upper corner ^_^


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