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Hi, y'all. I'm Weirdo.

I was bored one day last November and decided to watch MLP:FiM to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately I was hooked after 5 minutes. 

I only-somewhat-intentionally put off interacting with the fandom till last month, when I found EQD through DeviantArt. I liked the site and the look of its community, so I've stalked the forum and Discord for the last few weeks. Decided to put off actually posting here till I had some idea what I would be doing. >.>

You'll most likely only see posts occasionally from me, usually containing snark and/or a pun, but nonetheless, hi.

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Hello WeirdoXVII! Nice to meetcha! Welcome to EQD! :hithere:

yea, everytime I'm bored I watch MLP, and when I'm bored on the Xbox... MLP ON YOUTUBE! :huzzah:



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