Why the Mane Six and Others are Making Terrible Mistakes

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The Student Six by cheezedoodle96

Warning: Huge season 8 spoilers ahead!

I noticed something consistent the writers are doing in season 8. They are nerfing the main old characters and making them look bad. First it was Pinkie Pie, then Fluttershy, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Twilight, Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, and now Rainbow Dash and Applejack. The only untouched, main old characters left are Rarity and Spike. What does this mean? Well, it is a common tactic in MLP to make certain characters look bad to make the new characters look good. They did it with Celestia, making her look less powerful with magic in a fight with a villain. It seems they are doing it in season 8, making the mane six, CMCs, and Glim Glam look bad, while making the "student six" look good. 

Let me explain what mistakes are being made. Pinkie Pie loves making friends, but she hates Mud Briar even though she tries her best to tolerate him. Fluttershy is assertive, but that went overboard and she became assertively unpleasant and rude for an episode. The CMCs are great at helping creatures find their place in life, but they failed to do so with Terramar. Twilight learned many friendship lessons but ignored the basic one which is "don't lie to your friends". Mrs. Glimmer has made many friends since her reformation, but it took the cutie map to put her on the path to her fix her friendship problem with her own dad, and the same with Sunburst and his mom. Lastly and most recently, the most loyal pony and most honest pony who have saved the world together multiple times, who haven't fought like this since season 1, had a massive fight that almost killed them and their students. What is happening to the old characters? They made a school and are fully improved, yet they are failing in the areas that they are most skilled in? They have already learned these lessons, but they still fail terribly in season 8. I don't know where the writers are going with this, but I do know this: this season, the old characters are looking bad while the new characters are looking good. Looks like the mane six might need to be replaced... 


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Ponies were always dumb. That is show's main way of creating conflict.

And honestly I don't find it hard to believe that they would do dumb things.
Pinkie while usually is always happy to make a friend was feeling threatened by Mud Briar like she did with Cheese Sandwich. People do get overprotective of their siblings. Of she didn't lker him from the moment he unintentionally ruined her plans for Maud and in general is very unlikable. Pinkie was always creature of emotions and not reason;
Fluttershy got caught in her method acting, it kinda is refreshing that she made a mistake in opposite direction and wasn't as blunt as Iron Will episode. She doesn't that often have to deal with problem of being too assertive;
CMC are just kids and got into a problem of finally having their personalities clash, though the issue of the episode wasn't a problem at all so there was nothing they could have done anyway;
Glimmer had to face her father, that is never easy if you have strained relationship. Family issues come with extra baggage and I believe her when she said she'd rather stop a war instead;
AJ and Dash actually had competitive issues even after the iron pony contest, like that time hey were in the castle of two sisters trying to prove who is tougher, or when they were projecting their competition on Pinkie and Flutters. And they are the two most stubborn ponies in the group, change for them is hard.
Rarity has yet to get an episode but lets be honest, she will do something stupid too.

Learning lesson one time is never enough, our ponies are still young and driven by emotions most of the time and not reason. It easy with hindsight to see the problem and even easier to judge someone from the sidelines where you can see the bigger picture. When they get older they'll calm down, maybe.

I got no excuse or Twilight, she carries a rank of authority on friendship. But she has been like this since like season 4 or something.

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Most of these make perfect sense to me. Pinkie Pie not liking Mud Briar? Sure, that's realistic. CMCs not being able to help Terramar? Well, his issue is kinda abstract, and you can see how the Crusaders got caught up in it as well. Starlight and Sunburst? Family issues can be hard to work out, especially if they've been left to fester for a long time. Twilight? She just wanted to make Celestia happy, and even with all she knew, she still didn't want to hurt Celestia's feelings. Just because you know the right thing doesn't make it any easier, and that's why Twilight was avoiding it. 

These are all things I think are perfectly understandable and therefore relatable. If the mane six did the right thing all the time, I think the show would get boring.

Fluttershy is different because I still don't really understand her thought process. I don't understand how she got so caught up in the personas that she almost immediately forgot her original goal. It doesn't seem reasonable to me. Similarly, the relationship between Applejack and Rainbow Dash in the latest episode didn't seem to line up with how they interacted previously, and their intentions were too petty and immature to really appreciate.

In both of these cases, we're not really led to empathize with the characters. Those episodes are about how others react to their nonsense, and that's actually been the exception this season. I certainly don't think it's an intentional effort to make the students look better, as they don't even appear in that many episodes. Instead, I just think these two episodes got too caught up in their morals and forgot to write a sensible story to lead up to that point. This is something the show has done for basically its entire run. 

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I haven't seen any of season 8, so I won't be able to answer the concerns about the characters in season 8, but there was a line that intrigued me.

On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 1:45 PM, AnalyticalGamer said:

Well, it is a common tactic in MLP to make certain characters look bad to make the new characters look good. They did it with Celestia, making her look less powerful with magic in a fight with a villain. 

It's this kind of tactic that makes the 2-part episodes feel insincere to me at times. "Twilight's Kingdom" is too guilty of this. The episode tried to make Twilight look small compared to the other princesses, and it wanted to prove that she was still effective in her own right. This ends up backfiring because those other princesses were so damn useless, and also very stupid in the case of Princess Celestia. So instead of being impressed at Twilight's prowess, I kept wondering why Princess Celestia (the most active of the other princesses in the episode) was such a stupid motherfucker.

The Mane 6 do something stupid pretty often as @Cinder Vel pointed out, but they at least get to make up for their stupidity. Celestia never got that chance, at least not in the first 7 seasons.

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