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These are movies I have made that I am most proud of.  I hope you all like them, some are PMV, some are character showcases based on the game that Gameloft made.



Now take in mind this one was made using footage from a phone that couldnt use a capture card, unlike the videos you will see above it.  The reason this was recorded was because how rare it is for Luna to dance.

These are my best from "How Many Rubies" series, they have started developing a funny story that goes along with me getting a random number of Rubies in the game.  I didn't have access to a program to make good word bubbles, but I will in the next video I make.



Lastly, I am extremly proud of this, I used the Rarist version of the Spartan Laser, the name is the name Luna was gonna be named, but I combined scenes of the show, to make it look like Luna was fighting along with me blasting things with a weapon named after her, while the most epic Luna played in the background.



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