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Hi everyone I'm MidnightFire1222, but most people just call me Midnight. I've been on this site a couple times but never made a forum account here until today, though I use the same username on a different mlp forum.

So, about me. I'm 26 years old and live with my parents and younger brother, and have three hound dogs. I work as a server for a dining hall at a private school, with school ending in about two weeks, as of posting this, give or take a few days. Some of my hobbies include playing video games and reading, but what I most like to do is draw. I'm mostly self-taught and not too well-known, but I have done a few commissions in the past. Here's a link to my deviantart gallery if anyone's interested:

That's about all there is about me off the top of my head. If you wanna ask me anything else, I don't mind.

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blessed be i'm Dark wolf Fenrir its nice to meet you I hope you enjoy your stay

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