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Heres a story of how i got obbsesed with Harley Quinn!

So one time i got Injustice 2 on the xbox and while it was installing i decided to play a few single fights with Harley Quinn, after i had a break i knew that Harley Quinn was in suicide squad and i also searched up Harley Quinn on google and noticed she was voiced by Tara Strong, the actress as Princess Twilght Sparkle. :gasp: so i decided to look at images of her, i thourght she was pretty cool so i saved a pony version and used it as my profile picture (it was on Ipad) it was on discord, instagram and now here! my favorite lines are these:

"YOu DaRe mOck ME ChIlD?" (Intro)

"Ha! Betcha sonnic boom when you fart!" (Clash)

"Snack time boys! (Supermove)

share your things about Harley Quinn! :awesomecheer:

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