So I Guess I'm a Brony Now...

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Well, here I am.

The story of how I joined the herd is a long and complicated one, but all that matters is I'm here now. 
You all can call me Tyrannus or some other variation on my screenname. I do have a ponysona or two, which I'll introduce, probably, eventually.
Paleontology is a passion of mine, along with video games, sci-fi/fantasy, writing/drawing, and overall just being creative; I also study Latin from time to time, linguistics being a guilty pleasure of mine.
And now, I guess, ponies. :cute: 


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12 hours ago, Friendship is Horses said:

Welcome, villainous-sounding friend! If you're up for it, maybe you want to start an art thread in the Drawfriends & Crafters forum and show off your stuff?

And maybe, once I have some art I feel is worth sharing! XD

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