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My Three Year Brony-versary

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June 5th marked three years since I watched my first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I thought I'd finally make an account on here to join with others in the fandom and discuss pone!

Anyways, I got into the show after having a couple friends of mine recommend it,  and I was working at a mall at the time so I was constantly bombarded by merchandise. I started at the beginning with the series premiere, and was instantly hooked on the characters and impressed with how deep into lore the show got right away. Subsequently, and over the course of three months, I binged the rest of the series in time to catch up with the mid-season hiatus of Season 5, and I've been watching ever since.  

Apart from ponies, I'm a serious comic collector (primarily X-men, but tons of other stuff, too) I enjoy ping-pong, and I suck at making pixel art. I have a DeviantArt, where I upload mostly fan art under the name 8-bitBrony.

(Also contrary to what my user name states, I am not at all sloppy (kind of the opposite, to be honest). It's a nickname some of my buddies wanted to try to make stick, a reference to Steve Bannon (but my name actually is Steve though so you can just call me that).

I'm looking forward to being more active within the community!

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Welcome, Steve, and congrats on your third Bronyversary! I had a similar experience with the first episode as well. Hope you continue to enjoy the show, as the series progresses. 

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1 hour ago, Friendship is Horses said:

Thank for the welcome! I'm definitely going to be starting a thread on the Pony Ancestry forum soon; I've only just started collecting G1 and G3 stuff, and I want to see how my collection compares with others!

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