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It was an ok episode but not as good as I was expecting. It just seemed like not much happened. I wish they had spent more time in Discord's game world instead of sitting around the table talking. I also thought Spike calling Discord a weirdo was kind of harsh, even if he did deserve it. Mostly I think I just missed the main characters. As side characters (as Discord called them) Spike and Big Mac are great but having them carry an entire episode on their own is a bit much.

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Mac can carry a story on his own. Just check out Zen And The Art of Gazebo Repair from the comics.


Such a presumptuous Discord.

Opposite Fluttershy was pretty amazing.

Also, Discord, shut up about Mac. I'm not above shanking you.

That eyebrow control over Discord.

Eager Mac is eager.

June? Junebug?

Discord knows how to make an entrance.

Discord's terror as he realizes he's in a nerd den.

And, oh, Mac, you're a nerd. Can you get any hotter? You can be my black knight every night.

Discord, calm down and actually give this stuff a shot instead of instantly shitting on it.

And Mac's laughing! I need to use it for something. Maybe a new hitsound.

The jazz club scene is very Discord.

Oh Mac, you can so definitely be my black knight all you want.

You've got that fuck you sword. Use it, Mac.

Spike feeling bad for Discord. Such a burn on Discord.

And the melodramatics of Discord.

Spike going for Equestrian VR via Discord.

Oh come on, Twi, it shouldn't be any weirder than anything you've ever done.

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11 minutes ago, ABronyAccount said:

I'm fine with them not spending 20 minutes inside the game world. The point of the episode was never the game.

I think most people get that - it's just that they wish it was, myself included.

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On ‎8‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 11:43 PM, Lord Seraph said:



Could this be a preview to what Las Pegasus is going look like?

This was so 1920s. Discord is old fashioned.

You'd be old-fashioned too, if you were as old as Discord.

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Honestly, this one was meh to me. I've roleplayed before, and I gotta say that Spike isn't a very good GM. You don't introduce someone to RPGs by having their character be a laughingstock within their first scene. Also, I know that you have a thing for Rarity, Spike, but having your OC be married to her (and be king for that matter) isn't healthy, dude. While I loved the nightclub scene, I felt that they should have had more of the "Discord bends reality to have them LARP" stuff.

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