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Hi there! I'm new here. I'll assume this works like a regular forum, so I don't need a tour or anything, but I would like one! Other interests of me are turtles! I have one :)

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Hello PCelestia, welcome to the forums ! :happy_twi:

Yes, this is a regular forum, no way you get lost in it emote.RDlaugh.png

Feel free to open a topic if you wanna talk about anything.

We have the My Little pony Forum for pony stuffs either if you have questions, polls, or any topic (friendship is magic). You can put your art over here in the appropriate section (fanfic, music, video) or checking out the ones existing.

If you like videogames, you have the Friendship is gaming forum.

And when you wanna play forum games, RP, or talking about something that doesn't include ponies, you can do it in the free post section, in the changeling hive forum.

Also we have a discord where most of ponies are active.

About the forums, the game section is the most active for now, I admit that there is not a big activity on the other ones, but when a new topic is opened, we check it.

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