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=== FiG TF2 Server Commands ===

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In case you missed some of the commands, here is the complete list...

*Items in [brackets] are optional parameters


Commands on all servers

  • !donator or !donators Let's our donors access their special stuff!
  • !radio [partial station name] Activates the the Ponyville Live! music player or tunes to a station you specified
    • !vol [##] of !volume [##] Opens the !radio volume menu or sets to what you specified
    • !radiooff or !radiostop Turns off the radio!
    • !volup Increases volume by 15
    • !voldown Decreases volume by 15
    • !np or !nowplaying Gives now playing info of the station you are currently listening to or all the stations if your not tuned in
  • !votescramble or !sausage If you think the teams are imbalanced, use this to vote for a scramble
  • !soundlist Show a list of all the saysounds we have
  • !server !list or !hop Show a list of our other servers and connect to them directly. Don't forget to hit F3 after you make your selection.
  • Nominate [map name] Open map list to nominate a map for end round voting or nominates map you specify
  • rtv Rock the Vote A standing vote to start the end round voting to switch maps early
  • motd Opens the message of the day


Additional commands for servers with "| Base" or "| Derp" in their name

  • !pony Toggle building and hearing pony dispensers
  • !moonme !yolo A fun way to suicide
  • !freehat Gives you a free hat

* Free hat given on the Moon.


Additional commands for servers with "| Derp" in their name

  • !resizeme Change your overall size
    • !resizemyhead Change the size of your head
    • !resizemyhands Change the size of your hands
    • !resizemytorso Change the size of your torso
    • !resizeresetme Reset your sizes to normal
  • !tp Enter third person
  • !fp Go back to first person
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