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Ninii's recent art

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free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Hoii sweet buns! free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png It's been awhile since I posted here~ free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I am here to show you some of my recent art! free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Some are adopts and customs of my species Northlings and Southlings ( If interested in the species let me know! ) and the rest is just personal and fun art I made. free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Art is my full time job so please do understand that I do not do requests free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I hope you enjoy free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Do let me know what you think! 


free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png The first three are from a species known as Northlings, the fourth is from a species called Pelagos. As for the rest was all for fun free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png






Pliz Becky





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