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Versus Ponyville Reborn, The Return !

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You don't know what to play in Team Fortress 2 ?

You can't find a Good Server to play all the time ?

You can't find a Pony related server ?

Tired to play Casual ? Here We are, I present you Versus PonyVille Reborn, Welcome !

What it is you will say ? It's a Custom Team Fortress 2 Freak Fortress 2 Ponies Servers  of course !

Your goal is easy, Defeating Pony Boss, who are trying to kill The RED Mercs :O, Why they are so mean, I actually don't know... Maybe it's a Rebelion. who knows. But it's not only this... you can DEFEAT the RED Mercs ! Of Course ! You can be the Boss ! And Fight the Red Merch ! Be part of them !

The Red Mercs doesn't have Team Fortress 2 Stats ! We have Custom Weapons Stats ! Every Weapons have Custom stats and unique gameplay, You want to be a melee Sniper ? Equip the Tribal's Shiv and the Darwing Shield ! You want to Tickle the Ponies :D ? Use the Holiday Punch ! Lot's of weapons are fun to use :3.

You want to fight the Red Mercs ! You can choose your Pony ! Rarity ! Twilight Sparkle ! Screwball ? oh, DIscord ... Mhm, You can Rage, Use your ability ! Kill Every Red Mercs ! Muhaha

You want to have access to more Stuff ? You can Donate to the Servers, Custom Tags, Custom Models, Access to Donor Bosses and many mores ^-^

Join Us in big Number ! we want to see more people and having more fun :D

Don't forget to join our Discord to have Opinions and suggestions about the Server !

Hope we see you soon ! And Don't forget to have fun <3

Ps : The server is still on Beta ! We are working on it to make it more fun for everyone !


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