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It seems my landlord/comrade en arms WeAreBorgPony recruited me to help with the server. I am mostly a 3D modeler who sometimes ports his models for Source. I have a working knowledge of modeling for SFM (which runs on the TF2 version of the engine), but I haven't made mods for TF2 yet.


I am most notable for my role as the functional head/co-founder of the SFM Ponies Deviant Art group which is a group of about 1000 SFM/3D artists who create SFM content. Much of my time is dedicated to keeping that group afloat, but I have made models that make it into several popular SFM videos. The latest of which is Argodaemon's video shown this year at Bronycon (releasing to public in September). Others know me for my role in the Fallout Equestria sub-fandom (the subreddit and radioplay in particular).

3D Experience

With the exception of 2Snacks (who is leagues above me), I am currently the leading expert on Autodesk Maya in the fandom. If you are looking for help using the application, I can be of assistance. I've spent the last 6 years mastering the application. I excel at hard-surface modeling, but I can now do basic rigging and advanced UVmaps. I can do basic basic operations in Blender, but I am in no ways an expert or even an intermediate user.

I have some experience with Source 2 (much easier to work with BTW). Hammer for Source 2 is easy to work with, but it doesn't make TF2-compatible maps. The original Hammer and map-making for Source 1.x is a bit outside my expertise.

Requests/Server-Specific Work

I get a ton of requests for personal free and paid commission requests. I generally turn these down because they are for OC models or something that is too time consuming to be efficient use of my limited time (full-time job, 2 large communities to lead, my own art etc). There are people who will accept commissions on the aforementioned DA group if that is what you want. Because I use educational licensed Autodesk products, I cannot accept a direct payment for models (non-commercial use only).

For the server, I intend to help where I can. Models that take 1-3hrs are preferable as I can generally knock them out in one modeling session. Anything that is requested must have reference images I can work off of. I'm going to start at 10-25% time-commitment and see how that goes. I do my own project management, but I can tie-in to any system.

Personal Links

I run semi-frequent Twitch streams for mainly modeling-related stuff. This is your best chance to interact with me real-time. If I am not rushing to finish something, I am usually open to either teaching or doing silly stuff.

Twitter is the best place to contact me. While I'll eventually get DA notes, YT comments, and Skype/Steam messages or invites, Twitter pings me instantly. DMs now do not have a character limit, so that's a great place for semi-asynchronous communication. I'm a pretty chill dude, but I am always busy. Don't be discouraged if I don't immediately respond.

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Nice too meet you! it really is. Anyways welcome to the forums and that is quiet impressive.. what you do and posted <3

*hugs* i hope you like it here and on the servers, and i hope we can be really good friends.

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