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This is Sweet Pen, and she's my principal OC from the others i have.

She's a vampony and loves her Griffin butler Walter and her servants.


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One - well, two - ponies in this image can be considered my OCs. And they're just ponifications!


Let's play a game: identify which  two.

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Dublyn Tea


I'll admit I can't draw so I just copy/past different body parts onto a coloring page pony body.  I usually draw the mane and tail myself, though.

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Oh you've opened a can of worms! So to avoid assaulting everyone's screens with large pictures, I shall be posting everything in link form.

First off, you must understand that my OC is originally a human, so I will be posting pics of him in human form, but rest-assured I do have him in Pony form.

In pony form he goes under the alias "End-Game" and his cutie mark is denoted by an Omega Symbol, otherwise, you'll know him as Toki Zensekai, yes, the titular screen name I use.



I will post this though, because it's one of my favorites:


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I have SO many OC's I couldn't present them all. I will just show my favourit then.

First Seven Arts, he's my persona :

(Those are my first draw so they look a bit shitty)




Then there is Iron Gear, he 's my first pony OC's coming from an RP, In Nomina Celestia (abreged INC), he's a engeneer batpony skyzonphrenic who first start as a solar soldier before deserting and creating an organisation called Purgatory who hunt and kill all criminals in Equestria. He as two seconde personality, Reag Nori (Red Eyes) who is his crazy personality, and Voice (Black Eyes) who is his muderous pulsation who tries to corrupt him.

(I know it looks edgy like that but I assure you it's deeper than you think)







And finally, the two last are from another RP called Power Ponies, it's about super heros ponies. The First is Undead, a red unicorn who came back from the dead but doesn't remember anything about his past. He's immortal and can survive any fatale injury because he regenerate. The other one is Jiucy Sugar, he's a totally crazy pony who works for one of the many bad guys of the city. He's mest up, hyperactive and unpredictable, and loves sugar.




And this is only 2% of the many MANY OC's I've created. 8-)

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Hey, do you mind if I show you my EQG characters?  And does it count if I made them from sites like, because I'm not that good of an artist.

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Like the Human said...

On 8/28/2016 at 1:11 AM, Toki Zensekai said:


Oh you've opened a can of worms


*Sets up his little shop*

Let good old Smugleaf tell you a story. Or rather show off his wares.
Now I have a few Human oc's But i have not tinkered with them in so long and i don't wanna waste your time with them.
now to art of my Pones. that i can post here at least~ ;3   Some art are mine some is not.
Wildfire Ignitus:

Flip Flop:


(The Brown one)

Tired Time:


Hope you enjoyed~! 


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