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Hello everyone! I'm Aurelleah, and I make music and do art. Here's a collection of my discography to enjoy! I got into the music making scene pretty late but did my best to make a splash!!






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Midnight Lament (Feat. Decibelle and ButterflyIdentity) [Aria]

This song captures the moment Luna is returned to Celestia, the first night they spend together again in their castle in Canterlot. Luna expresses her crushing guilt, and Celestia reciprocates the feeling but soothes her sister, advising her she's not going to let her past cloud their future. This is a song 6 months in the making, and is our magnum opus up to this point. (as in, it's the best musical piece we've put together)






Luna's Future - Epic Orchestral

By far the most popular Luna's Future remix on Youtube







Rainbow Factory - Orchestral Dubstep

Imho, very underrated remix of this song. Epic orchestral dubstep with redone lyrics and a grimy drop




Under Our Spell - Hybrid Moombahcore/Heavy Dance

Crazy moombahcore remix of this song :>




Chromatica - Melodic Electrostep

This on was inspired of Rainbow Dash in the last episode pair, being badass and whatnot, have a fastpaced EDM song here: 





Harmony - Symphony Orchestral Suite



Over a hundred hours of hard work over many months have culminated in the ultimate orchestral tribute to the mane six yet. Take a journey as you venture through the stories told by the harmonies, let yourself be enveloped in a world not your own, live in another's mind, and let the story be told. Presenting harmony, as it has never been told before.
Featuring six separate journeys through imagination, and one large finale uniting aspects from all into one. The only question left unanswered after all, is not where you're going, it's not where you've been, but which journey you took that resonated the most with you.
So, what say you? Which movement or part was your favorite, and why? Any reasons for choosing? Let me know in the comments 
Discovery (Twilight Sparkle): 0:00
Regality (Rarity): 0:34
Optimism (Pinkie Pie): 1:10
Adventure (Rainbow Dash) 1:48
Serenity (Fluttershy): 2:17
Safe Haven (Applejack): 3:28
Grand Finale: Harmony: 4:12
This project took over 100 hours, and it's been something I've been chiseling away at for months. I learned so much as a musician from this, and it brings me so much joy to hear it finally completed. This is by far my greatest achievement in music, and quite possibly the greatest achievement in my life.



Firelight - Happy House

A song about having a good time :3




The Magic Inside - Orchestral Pop

Read the description on YT for more info :3 





Warm Winds - Orchestral

Originally wasnt gonna put this up but I did and seth seems spotlight happy for my stuff. Nothing to say about it, just enjoy :3 





My Wings Aria - Aria

Word on whether or not the defenders managed to stave off the invasion and win the fight failed to reach the Crystal Empire in later days, and after many days passed, those who managed to survive began to fear the worst.
Cadence, who was now tasked as the ruler of the Crystal Empire and Canterlot in the place of the alicorns that stayed to defend. As she does her very best to keep up the spirits of those waiting on their loved ones' return, she felt increasingly weighed down by the same fear she was trying to protect against, although she refused to give up hope.





Fusion - Orchestral Dubstep


I've always loved symphonic-style music - Symphonic rock/metal is one of my favorite genres. Naturally I was curious if I could work out a song that could combine my new interest in electronic music with orchestra, and well here we are! Inspired by the 100th episode, I present Fusion. A fusion of Orchestral and Melodic Dubstep. I wonder if Vinyl Scratch and Octavia would approve? I'd hope so!






Forever - BBBFF Remix, Melodic Dubstep
All aboard the Delorean, we're going back to 2012 with this thing. That era was a pretty good time for the community, not only with the explosive growth of said community but also with the show's development. The show also had some of its best musical numbers around that time, and that's when Wooden Toaster made a lot of his most popular songs. This song combines those elements from both of these things: Vocal slices from BBBFF, and a reproduction of some of Toasty's signature massive patches... along with my orchestration, design, engineering and Orange Beat's mixing and mastering. Hope you guys enjoy! This track took two months to make, and is my first melodic dubstep piece.




Elemental [Oh My!] - Industrial Electrostep

Oh my!! Nothing quite like the most adorable character in existence to make industrial-esque dubstep more enjoyable. Enjoy the facemelting wubs!!




Siege of Canterlot - Epic Orchestral

It is a few years after the events at the Canterlot Wedding, and Chrysalis has been wasting no time in regrouping her armies and growing in power. As the numbers of her minions grow, there is only one thing holding them back from attacking: That is, lack of sustenance. Being creatures that feed off love is problematic when there is no love nearby to feed on....


...That is, until Chrysalis learns how to convert other emotions, such as fear, into a form of energy they can consume to sustain themselves. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Chrysalis finally gives the order to begin advancing towards the great city. They begin the siege, destroying the entire lands around the city, ever feeding, ever growing off the fear induced in their victims. That is, until they finally see the city on the horizon.







Defense of the Citadel - Epic Orchestral

Word of the siege had reached Canterlot mere days before the coming attack. Every able bodied person was expected to assist in the defense and preparing for the siege. The young, the infirm, and the female population were evacuated through the Crystal Caverns deep beneath the Citadel. Above ground, preparations are made in earnest: A new Arcano-Technology had been developed to help in the defense of the city should an army attack again, in the form of a city-wide shield generator. The defenders had complete faith in the generators, that they would be able to channel their magics into them, and they would keep them safe


...However, they hadn't accounted for the changelings' abilities to feed off fear in addition to love, meaning that the shield would not be enough to withstand the force of the swarm.







Lunaria - Emotionally Charged Orchestral

Luna, the younger sister to Celestia and master of the night, nearly destroyed the world after allowing her jealousy to corrupt her. After she is finally returned to her normal frame of mind, you can imagine how terrible she would feel about what she had tried to do. This is the story of Luna, and her journey to overcome her guilt and to learn to be calm within once more.






Nightmare - Symphonic

Luna struggled with feelings of jealousy and inadequacy on a daily basis. Her hard work went unappreciated, and the envy she felt eventually become so strong that it began to affect her deep within. It caused changes in her being, and begun the dark transformation that left her a monster. A nightmare hellbent on destroying the world she desired to please so badly.






Celestium - Symphonic

As Nightmare confronts Celestia, Celestia must make the most difficult decision. To hesitate would mean certain destruction of the world, to act means to tranquilize her sister's soul in stasis for time untold. Either way, she is about to lose something most precious.






Benevolence - Bright Orchestral

Fluttershy is a very unique character. She is the definition of benevolence: Always wanting the best for people, kind hearted, upright, optimistic, caring, gentle, the list goes on. To top this off, she's also very elegant, and her elegance and happy, kind nature has inspired this string piece.







Regality - Orchestral

This piece is inspired of the regality Rarity has. Elegant, loyal, matronly, stylish and a perfectionist, yet still bright and trying to see the best in people.







More Coming Soon

There are many more tales to tell in this world of Equestria, so you can guarantee there will be more to come, Keep checking back!

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Glad you put this up! I like Midnight Lament when it was posted on Equesdaily a while ago which made me check out Firelight which is so incredible! Like wow it's awesome!

I'll be sure to check out more songs from here later :D

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48 minutes ago, Misscellanio said:

Glad you put this up! I like Midnight Lament when it was posted on Equesdaily a while ago which made me check out Firelight which is so incredible! Like wow it's awesome!

I'll be sure to check out more songs from here later :D

Thanks! I only release things I'm proud of, so it's all guarunteed to please [](/twipride)

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