Section Rule: Please Title "LFG", or "LFM"

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If you are starting a group or looking for new players for something, please start the title your post with LFM (Looking for more)

If you are looking for a group for something, please title your post with LFG (Looking for group)


LFM - World of Warcraft guild "Sweet Velvet fan club" Blackrock server

LFG - 30 Marauder FFXIV Adamantoise server

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I don't know if this topic should be locked for reference. However, I do want to ask about this section. I do have a group that may be looking for more members. I'll have to ask if my group is looking for more people to join a gaming group. I'd imagine this fresh board could be a very beneficial asset. Probably could be an influx unprecedented in my associated group with the shinyness of thisĀ forum. Oh, my question to ask is this: if we are allowed to advertise for relevant groups, any tips to avoid having the post be a simple ad?

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