Let's launch a Hunger Games sim. For those who've done this before: you know the drill. For those that don't, here's your briefing:   Simply give me a character or person, anyone you can think of.  You and your submission will be tossed into a pot to determine later who lives and who dies in an RNG-determined slaughterhouse. I have no rules for who you provide, but I simply request you do not submit a character or person that is already in the list of contestants. I will begin when I have enough for twelve groups of four and you will see what happens.   Your submissions are unlimited, I just ask  you think of others and you don't dump twelve ponies or people on me all at one time. That'd just be rude.   To offer up the first set, I submit myself and Best Pony   1) AaronMk   2) Best Pony   3) DedSecPony   4) Bipper   5) Skyrazer   6) Shimmerlight   7) Belethor   8) Procellus   9) Cyber Commander   10) Light Landstrider   11) Molten Kitten   12) Frécinette   13) User   14) Gamelon   15) Kaethela   16) Sethisto   17) Vman315   18) WeAreBorg   19) ABagOfVicodin   20) "Octavia"   21) The Illustrious Q   22) Badshot   23) Zen   24) UltimateAI   25) Error   26) Hobo Joe   27) Jesse McCree   28) Lord Hater   29) Lord Dominator   30) Lord Bison   31) Lord Voldemort   32) Farquaad   33) Mr Bean   34) I'veBeenCalledE   35) >Rape   36) Tracy Cage   37) LittlePip   38) Balrog   39) Vega   40) Fang   41) Hi Anon!   42) Alex Hirsch   43) Changeling Cossack   44)  Mr. Regular   45) Boris   46) Pink Guy   47) jeray2000   48) Queen Elizabeth II