Hunger Games: Slaughter of the FiGs - Dawn of a New Era edition

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And to help fill things up we're at the stage now I'm going to start adding more characters. Added a Changeling and Mr. Regular this time around.


We gotta have more people too. Surely one of these new people will join?

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9 minutes ago, jeray2000 said:

Add in Queen Elizabeth the Second, please.


Congratulations, this submissions maxes me out and I can get down to working on the sim.


I'll also need to correct some user avatars because fuckers went and changed their avatars and broke my links.

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1 hour ago, Cipher_42 said:

Add the Eons to this list, too! See how they fare! :megusta:


You're too late, not only are we full but I already ran the sim. All that's left is posting the updates.

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Let's get the rollout on:



Or tributes are assembled, and the show begins. Our theme now plays:





Friendship IS magic as we begin. User, the Cossack, Vega, and Kaethela make a four-way split of the initial loot and make a break into the arena. While they do not make lasting friendships they make for a quick and peaceful head start. There's surely no animosity here. Not yet at least. But speaking of friendship: Badshot and  Error have opted for a stab at cooperation with both contenders scooping up supplies for fishing gear.


Our resident Frenchie begins the games with an approach very much like the Spy. Appearing before Pink Guy she convinces him for the moment she is a friendly  and he shouldn't be afraid. But we'll see how this trickery plays out. If the Arena has anything to say: it's that the best laid plans are usually always foiled.


Hi Anon grabs a gun, which was somehow ignored by everyone in the mob and breaks for the woods with heavy fire-power.


And perhaps DedSec and  the Lesbian Horses should have taken a page from everyone else's strategy and made an early empty handed break. Because with the Cornucopia being carved up the Spooks that Stirner's ghost hid there and being revealed.





While all the late starts were either running or finding nothing but shitty cigarettes in the pile Rape, Sethisto, McCree, and Borg forge a shocking early alliance and work together to avoid the Spooks and cheap cigarettes to presumably find useful supplies, which are divided as they go their own way like the User-Cossack-Vega-Kaethela cartel.




The beginning moves by some of our contenders post-cornucopia  appears to have gone the route of political, or ideological. Myself and Bison both decorate our bodies in our political and philosophical ideas. We'll probably print these later if we live to do so.


Realizing their lack in equipment, Lord Hater and Lord Dominator got together with the much better prepared and over-compensating Hi Anon to make a push to raid Little Pip's camp. While the games have only just started and we can only presume her possession's were meager they manage to scoop up what she had found or prepared as she went hunting for food. Do horses even eat meat? From the veterinary articles I've read and anecdotal evidence suggests: yes.


Realizing most likely that Vicadin has made a terrible choice of not opting out of being submitted he begs fellow admin User to kill him. However User has pitty on his fellow staffmember and lets him live. Staff unity might very well lead the staffer districts to victory. They do too fill the largest single demographic here.


Continuing the interests of high-thought, Bad Shot comes to the conclusion religion is quiet possibly false and an opiate to keep the masses passive. He quickly rejects the notions before continuing on. Early communists would be proud, bug-boi.


And in the most unintended slavic thing ever, Boris digs up one of the many vestigial events that litter my games and finds a Jellyfish artifact. This is copied by DedSecPony. I don't know how radiation protection would help them. But hell: maybe they can club someone to death with it. But it's certainly not going to be I'veBeenCalledE and Sethisto, who in a tactical miscalculation fuck up an ambush and get beat by Hobo and Cyber. The Old FiG-guard is strong!


The Illustrious Q finds a Porsche Cayman and know he's fucked.


Rape is doing fuck-all and Tracy did nothing.


Freccenite finds shelter as Light Landstrider strides the land. Gamelon and Kaethela contest their superiority but mercy is showed in the end with no loss of life.


Procellus meanwhile, knowing how it helped him before decides to go off and overthrow an island government. With an entire nation behind him now he will have extensive support to leverage against the competition from within the arena, and outside.


McCree goes through a role change and pockets Mr. Regular in an attempt to kill Alex Hirsch. But McCree either didn't have Kritz or Mr. Regular wasn't a scout because Alex escapes and the two just feel dumb.




Our first wave of dead.


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And then, Boris finds the Jellyfish... My Rigging sense is tingling.

Naturally, I do nothing useful, albeit a basket of bread is one of the more... unconventional weapons I've had to use. Best one so far has been a stick.

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We move onto the first night, and the beginning of Day 2. That's right: I run this on Jewish Time.


We begin our new phase with Bad Shot seemingly disregarding his religious revelation and blessing Mr. Regular, as a result Mr. Regular finds religion. Though this begs the question: did Bad Shot really give up religion or did he conclude that it being the opiate of the masses he can use it to control the rest of the tributes? In offering blessings can he win hearts and minds and order blood tithes against his flock to win out on top? No one expects the Bad Shot Inquisition.


User sleeps without warmth, with dreams only of his waifu to bring comfort. Anger is the rule of thumb for most, and Balrog scrawls revolutionary messes on trees in his own blood.


In other blesses, Borg decides to sit down and do some sexual instant messaging. I guess he got the frequency of Little Pip's pipbuck because he went and sent her pictures of his other parts. This is likewise done by Vicodin, who sexts Vega instead.


Hi Anon! finds religion at the hands of Alex Hirsch. Now the shitposter and the revolver are holy weapons of meme posting.




So religion aside, we have some racial revelations and cross-racial alliances forming. Queen Elizabeth has a talk with a man in a cave and comes to a revelation about race. The Changeling Cossack and Lord Bison themselves find allies in BLM.


I shoot to kill Belethor but hit Q instead. Zen and Voldemort watch scary movies and the mutual cuddling would kill everyone with diabetes.




User, still shivering from a fire-less, Trixie-dream filled night heads out with Balrog and Jesse McCree in the hunt for other tributes. Not to be one-upped, Vman acts strangely.


It also seems last night's BLM alliance can not preserve the companionship of the Cossack and Lord Bison. I can only assume in trying to win the sole favor of BLM the changeling attacks Bison but Bison makes his escape. The Changeling Cossack pursues.


Procellus practices his island archery.


And in the growing twist to the strange, Frecinnete would travel to Africa to start a revolution. But alas the arena has no airplanes to fly with. Nearby Hater is killed by a gang.


Queen Elizabeth doesn't seem to want to be outdone  by some foreigner. And being the queen of an island nation herself she organizes Her Majesty's Navy to overthrow another island's native government. The island competition begins now, Procellus.


I am kill. And misfortune for Hobo Joe too, since we're there: he was attacked and his publically desecrated by angry Italians. What did he ever do to Italy?





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Damm it. Why did I think going against a hobo and a robot is a good idea? Think about it.

I blame Seth, I bet he wasn't backing me up in the fight. :ajlol:

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A lot of deaths tonight! After some story telling between Vicodin and Cyber, and Farquad stealing Balrog's legions we immediately have a failed ambush by DedSec, Vega, and McCree or are killed by their ambushees: Jeray, Frecinnete, and Lord Dominator. What a tactical miscalculation!



We afterwards have a suicide pact between Alex  Hirsch, Changeling Cossack, Queen Elizabeth, and Hi Anon who all give up and kill themselves. That's seven deaths right now in one night!


Love making otherwise rules the day as Borg and UltimateAI seek mutual tension relief and have sex. Just as Vman and Octavia do.


Though in a twist Boris finds damning evidence that someone is the Zodiac Killer. So who is it? They have to be alive, and it can't be Boris. He'd know he was otherwise!




The day begins in a rapturous explosion. Voldemort has killed three contenders in one explosion! Rest in peace: Lesbian Ship, Octavia, and Vman. The last two had their last sex.


Similarly, Ultimate got killed by Gameleon in a duel, clearly the later was frustrated that Ultimate would move on Husbando Borg when Gameleon could not. Borg could have nearly been killed himself, but escaped merely with a non-fatal calf injury.


And we may have our first clear suspect for who the Zodiac Killer is: the day after his discovery Boris is killed in an explosion by Light Landstrider.


We also see another admin murdered in cold blood: Pink Guy smashes in User's head on a rock.


Jeray too thinks he can get in on the island game, but he may just be too late.




Here lie our numerous dead. Some were enemies. Some were lovers. The rest  were just trying to stay alive.



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Me screaming in arabic into the wilderness while firing a gun? I rather screaming greenlandic while using a greenlandic drum

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1 hour ago, AaronMk said:

Love making otherwise rules the day as Borg and UltimateAI seek mutual tension relief and have sex.


(the ship has sailed gentlemen)

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Damn lads, we should really compile a list of surviving  tributes, because whoever he is the Zodiac Killer is leaving a lot of damning evidence behind! I like to think that he has all these old selfies of his killings and are just leaving these behind. Unfortunately Boris never said the name of the killer and I don't think Gameleon will.


But we can probably strike Little Pip off that list, or put her in a sort of transitional grey zone. Farquad just bashed her head in with a mace. So at this point in the games could we really call her a surviving tribute when she dies in the same night more evidence of the Zodiac Killer's identity is found? We may also have to rule Landstrider out as the infamous killer from San Fran, because he too has found additional evidence of the killer's identity.


Freceinette and Lord Dominator do t hings too lewd to mention again.


Lord Voldemort also continues his killing spree. Maybe he's the Zodiac Killer? He's certainly killed many muggles.




Error is a hero of the games, laying to rest Lord Voldemort and cutting short his spree. Who know how many lives he just saved!


No one.


Best Pony though decides to introduce Communism to the arena. I guess Veronika is now best pony.



And we have more evidence! Whoever he is is really sloppy. MoltenKitten uncovered more evidence on the Zodiac Killer's true identity. Maybe he should get with Landstrider and Gameleon to find this person and bring him or her to justice before it's too late.


Bad Shot meanwhile knows he's fucked.





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