Hunger Games: Slaughter of the FiGs - Dawn of a New Era edition

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21 minutes ago, Badshot said:

"ABagofVicoden tends to BadShot's wounds."


What the fuck did I do?


I guess you did something you never felt.


Got a small cut at the small of your back maybe.

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Welcome back gentlepersons. The night starts with >Rape taking a break from whatever he's been doing this whole game to light one up with Snoop Dawg. So let's get on with the rest of the night.


No significant deaths tonight. Skyrazer talks to a dude in a cave and has a revelation on race. Bad Shot steals Vicodin's legions, so does Best Pony to Molten. Maybe they hope to use these forces to invade Procellus' island?


Whatever it may be, boring night all together.




The first death of the day is Bad Shot blowing himself up on a landmine he was trying to arm. Those legions'll come to nothing now. Maybe they'll go back to Vicodin or even to Molted Kitten to supplement his forces.


Procellus then kills Best Pony in a move of trickery.





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*Now self-identifies as an F-22 Raptor* My life... HAS BEEN A LIE! 


Also damn sneaky Gameleon, my passive perception is pitiful.

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1 hour ago, Light Landstrider said:





My mother is who?!

Apparently you have a lot of brothers and sisters in these games too.

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The killings must continue, and with the coming night we shed more blood. With Belethor passed out, he is incapable of noticing the explosion set off by Vicodin which successfully claimed the lives of Pink Guy, Farquad, and Gameleon. The high publicity explosion is a source of conversation between island-king Proeleus, Borg, and Dominator. Tracy thinks about her chances as the fire-light from the explosion dies.


Landstrider fluffs himself up as the orange glow of death subsides.


In the redawning of the darkness Rape recieves medical supplies, Kaethela plans for revolution, and Molten and Frecinnete find allies in Black Liberation.


Error finds refuge after a day of killing in a shack full of porn. All about him.




Filled with the energy confidence gives after a successful triple homicide, Vicodin picks fruits from nearby themes. I like to imagine he's humming the 1812 overture to himself as he does this.


Rape - who I think has done next to nothing the entire games - decides that his survival depends on teaming up with someone for a while. After all, the rest of the 4cc team is scattered and half of them are dead. So he bands together with Skyrazer and Frecinette to go on the hunt.


Landstrider continues to be fluffy.


Enraptured by madness Procellus is possessed by the ghosts of Hunter S. Thompson's passed and fires a  gun wildly into the wilderness, screaming in Arabic. Kaethela meanwhile tosses some bombs around and injures someone who may be Borg.


Molten Kitten also explodes, which may be an isolated incident.




Our dead.


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