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Smart Cookie

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Howdy everypony!
I'm looking to put together a collab team. That's pretty much it. No requirements. Just make PMVs (we're talking about making a seperate group channel here).

Here's my channel for anyone interested:

In order to join just reply with a link to your channel, what editor you use and what style of editing you prefer. 

Looking forward to forming a group!! ^.^

-Smart Cookie

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1 hour ago, Rspectcopyrightmyass said:

I use Sony vegas.. but the version i have is Sony movie studio which is kinda the dumbed down version of vegas

i tend to do more lyrical type editing since i'm fairly useless in the special effects area

My Channel:

Your MVs look very thematical and matching to the songs you make. Your work is gerat, you're in! While a group forms up we can work on a simple project for our channels if want to. I'd like to find at least one more person before we make a group channel.

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