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Heeeeelloooooooo boys and girls! Welcome to my music topic thingy where I'll post... well, my music. I'll keep this topic updated and there'll probably not have all my music - just the ones I prefer (well, almost all my tracks to be honest ahah). Have it right below! :D

Chrysalis' Revenge VIP (feat. IbeConCept)

I'll begin this topic and talk about one of the track that isn't orchestral. It is a hip-hop / big room track about Chrysalis, with rapping by IbeConCept. And french rapping by me o/


Orchestral Compilation Vol. 1 (CD realease)

Here's a compilation of my first orchestral compositions; original tracks & remixes. It contains respectively:

We're finally there; Legends of the Everfree; The Magic Inside (orchestral remix); Trixie Lulamoon, the Great Archmage; Ebony Bloodrose, the Banished Necromancer; Princess Tempora main theme; Castle of Time; M.A. Larson Boss Theme; Tribus Silvarum; Nightmare Night (orchestral remix); Multiverse War; War Wounds; Luna's Future (orchestral remix)


Alicornae EP (CD release)

This is my debut EP. These four firsts tracks are based on each Alicorns and the last one is based on all of them (except that baby). Here's the tracks names and the playlist:

Magia Twilight; In Nomine Celestia; Magna Luna; Ave Cadenza; Alicornae ~FINALE~


Luna's Future (orchestral remix)

This is a remix I've made of a song I really liked, sung by Aloma Steele.


M.A. Larson Boss Theme

Yup. I indeed did a boss theme for the great Larson. It was fun to do and he liked it ahah


The Magic Inside (orchestral remix)

Here's another remix of a song of the show, sung by Lena Hall. Though, there's a problem: it has been strike so... the video is blocked in Germany. Sorry for that. :(


Multiverse War & War Wounds

A song a made for the season 5 finale, plus a sequel. Some people says that it looks like "Two Steps From Hell" music but, in my opinion, I'm far from this quality. x)


Timey-Wimey fancomic - Princess Tempora Main Theme & Castle of Time

Here's two tracks I've made for the comic "Timey-Wimey". To be honest, it's a very good comic with great illustrations so I recommand everyone to read it! :D Here's the link to the first page of this comic: here


Fire of Daydream (feat. Skyline)

A track that has been finished a long time ago, but released way after that. This is an electro-celtico-orchestral-ish track, with wonderful guitars from Skyline at the end of it.


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Well... you're right! I was about to do it though it slipped my mind ahah. Anyway, here's the new music! :D

Fluttershy, the Dragon Master

Here's a purely celtic track. I wanted to do a track with bagpipes as lead instrument (yeah, I know, I always have bagpipes in my tracks but here there's the main and major instrument). Enjoy!


Land of Equestria

I wanted to make something some days ago, so here's a random track poping out of nowhere, again.


Warriors of Griffinstone (feat. Francis Vace & WoodLore) - Ponies at Dawn: Voyager

This is certainly one of the songs I'm the most proud of, with Celestial Berserkers. Working with Francis Vace & WoodLore was very fun and very cool, they both did an incredible job with the guitars and their voice. When I started this track, I was listening to a lot of Alestorm and Sabaton songs and I wanted to make something pirate-ish / celtic-ish with my style on it. And here comes what I'd call some "celtic rock". Vace provided us the global lyrics and the electric guitars and WoodLore gave us the acoustic guitars and this amazing, beautiful and epic break. And the three of us sing. Yep, even me (I'm not very good at singing, plus this is like the first or second I really sing for a song, but I did my best for sure!).


Celestial Berserkers (feat. Francis Vace & IbeConCept) - Ponies at Dawn: Voyager

Here's my second song from the new Ponies at Dawn album, a collaboration with Francis Vace and IbeConCept! Again, thanks a lot to Francis for the wonderful electric guitars and to Concept for those amazing rap vocals.
This track is... a little bit special. As a R&D scientist (a chemist, more exactly), I love to mix different things to see what it does. The genre here is an hybrid between two drasticly different genres : Pirate Metal and Big Room House, with a little bit of Rap/Hip-Hop. Coupled to Ibe's rapping vocals, I sing the chorus as well as the final part (with Vace). In my opinion, I think my vocals here sounds better than my vocals in Warriors of Griffinstone.


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Thank you very much! :D

Here's a special Halloween track I've made with FritzyBeat about the Tantabus. It took more than a year to make but it turned well! Plus, this is a PMV made by Reverie/Ataraxia:


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