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Hello everypony! As the title says, I'm always looking for more friends to play with on Overwatch. As fun as the game is solo, I've always enjoyed team-based games much more when I actually have a team to play with! I play on PC, and primarily play either in the mornings CST or afternoons (mainly because I work at night).

As for the heroes I usually roll with, I like to play Genji, McCree, and Pharah on Offense, Hanzo on Defense, D.Va and Zarya on Tank, and Lucio and Zenyatta on Support. I'm usually down to try other heroes, but the listed ones are the ones I like the best.

At any rate, my Blizzard name is VictorViper#1169. Feel free to drop a message here and/or add me in game! Hope to see some fellow pony heroes on the battlefields!

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I mostly play Tracer and Sombra on Offense, Mei and Torbjorn on Defense, Orisa and Winston on Tank, and Mercy and Zenyatta on Support.

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That a old topic but if somepony here still playing Overwatch, it would be a pleasure to play with you.
Some information :

- I'am ~2400 by now.

- I'am on Europe so playtime may be short for NA or Asia pony.

- I usualy only play ranked game.

- Possibility to voice chat but no mic for me.

-I'm playing heal.

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