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Hello everypony!

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Hello, I'm Lunar-White-Wolf, a pegasister from France (I'm sorry if I make english mistakes). I joined the fandom in 2013, in september just before the season 4, so it's been a while since I'm into ponies ^^

My favorite ponies are Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon, they're so awesome! I also really like Fluttershy because I can relate to her, we're both shy and we love animals.

My OC is Purple Breeze, the mare on my avatar.

I decided to join this forum because I read Equestria daily every day, and because I like chatting about MLP. I'm also on other forums (Like MLP forums) even if I'm not really active there. Actually, I don't really know if I'll be very active here, as I'm studying at high school and that it takes a lot of time, but I'll still come from time to time!

As I already said I like animals, and I also love drawing! I post all my drawings on Deviantart. I also enjoy playing video games such as Minecraft or the sims 3. 

I think that's all :)

If you want to talk with me via private messages, I really like chatting ^^


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Hello there, name's BadShot, local Dungeon Master and Best Changeling.


I run the Roleplay scene around here, if you are interested in such, just ask me for any questions you have.


(Totally gonna copy paste this to all the other new intros)

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