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Two of my close friends are doing E30 turbo builds and i really want to get in on it, but i don't have the garage space for a project car right now... so in the mean time i'm just waiting for my neighbor to sell me his e36 m3 so i can use it as a daily :)

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I'mma post this since Mustangs were invoked before I move on:

And now having said that, story time.

There is a world being built behind the the self ponidox images, and that's not the only RBD image I did in that world. I actually think I'm at an imbalance here with her vs everyone else. But I digress.

In that effect, I've sort of drawn/written up Dash as being on the poorer end of financial success. So she wouldn't even afford a Mustang, let alone even an E30 in a world where the parallels is "whatever brand of nineties and early 2000's I feel" so the E30 would still be comparatively new, if maybe 7-10 years old. I made a joke in reference to this in the original description when I went in to marry the RCR jokes about the E30 and its current accepted use and Dash's personality: "It's not even her car". 

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