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I'm a somewhat regular on Equestria Daily, and I figured I'd come over here too. =)

I'm a big Applejack/Apple family fan, and also love Luna, Daring Do, Sunset, Starlight, Lyra, Bonbon, and a bunch of other minor ponies, and I also collect their merchandise.

I keep up with the show and read the novels, and IDW comics aswell, I really don't miss anything official. I am a watcher/reader of Equestria Girls as I see no point in not watching/reading it as I enjoy the characters anyway, and SUNSET =D In general I enjoy the series as a whole, and I also love the first generation of MLP and collect them regularly : ) I'll probably visit the forums for a while at a time every day or so. 

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Hello there, name's BadShot, local Dungeon Master and Best Changeling.


I run the Roleplay scene around here, if you are interested in such, just ask me for any questions you have.


(Totally gonna copy paste this to all the other new intros)

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