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Comic Artist's Twitter acounts and home pages

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Does anybody know the Twitter accounts, Deviant Art pages, blogs, or home pages of any of the people behind the IDW comics?

Places where we could get background\inside information from the people creating them.

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Andy Price Twitter and Deviantart and Website

Katie Cook Twitter and Deviantart and Website

Heather Breckel Twitter and Deviantart and Tumblr and Website

Tony Fleecs Twitter and Deviantart and Website and Blog

Sara Richard Twitter and Deviantart and Website and Storenvy

Agnes Garbowska Twitter and Deviantart and Tumblr and Website

Amy Mebberson Twitter and Tumblr and Website

Brenda Hickey Twitter and Deviantart and Tumblr and Website

Jay Fosgitt Twitter and Deviantart and Blog and Tumblr and Website

Jenn Blake Twitter and Deviantart

Thom Zahler Twitter and Website and Other Comic Series

Diana Leto Twitter and Blog and Website

Heather Nuhfer Twitter

I'm sure there are a lot more but those are the ones I can think of after a long night shift with no sleep. I'm sure the Illustrious Q can fill in the rest.

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Background, yes. Inside information is probably not something that they will be giving out. I wouldn't bother asking about upcoming content that they realistically cannot answer.


That said, for the most part their twitters and websites are open to general public.


Bobby Curnow (MLP Editor): Twitter

Mary Bellamy (Cover MLP Artist): Twitter and Website and Deviant Art

Georgia Ball (Former MLP Writer): Twitter and Website

Christina Rice (Curren tMLP Writer): Twitter and Website

Barbara Randall Kesel (Current MLP Writer): Twitter

Ted Anderson (Current MLP Writer): Twitter and Website

Jeremy Whitley (Current MLP Writer): Twitter and Tumblr

Rob Anderson (Former MLP Writer): Twitter and Website

Ben Bates (Former MLP Artist): Twitter and Deviant Art and Tumblr and Blog


Equestria Daily has also conducted in depth interviews with a good number of the people who have worked on the books if you really want to get some in depth information.


Equestria Daily Interview Series:

  1. Sara Richard
  2. Agnes Garbowska
  3. Tony Fleecs
  4. Ted Anderson
  5. Heather Breckel
  6. Brenda Hickey
  7. Amy Mebberson
  8. Jay Fosgitt
  9. Katie Cook
  10. Bobby Curnow
  11. Andy Price
  12. Jeremy Whitley
  13. Christina Rice
  14. Jenn Blake
  15. Thom Zahler
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