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Out of a hundred people



At some stage in a person's life they realize they have the sudden urge to do the extreme, to let loose and perform something that's new and refreshing. Many people feel this way at the age of 2 where they learn the dangerous arts of walking, however, unbeknownst to most of the earth, there is a disproportionately large amount of people who do not reach that stage until adulthood. This is the post to read if you have started late but can never wait. Here are the top tips to help you walk to the finish line, or to the bathroom line. Who cares.



Posture will always be important in walking. Think about it, when have you ever not needed posture to perform a task? Cooking, cleaning, eating and drinking all require a certain posture. And even though you might think it doesn't matter, try to think that it does and you'll find that it gives your struggles meaning. Try straightening your back as if a ghost has suddenly shoved an acorn up your backdoor. You might look dumb but you know that its good for you, you player. Call me.




If its one thing I can't handle is when a person has no elegance in their walk. Put some style into it and make the world watch you as you blaze through it with some substance. Try swinging your hips or taking big steps to really distinguish yourself from the rank and file of society. Who needs to be the same when you're capable of walking on two legs, am I right or am I right? Right? Walk like you want to walk, stop walking like you'd rather be sitting down and not doing anything. 


Proper Clothing


In extremely important global world news, Superstar Pop Star Mega Idol Nicki Minaj was seen unable to walk in her dress at the VMA's. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one reason why proper clothing is vital to walking. It is the pillar in which we lay our trust in our legs, where each step forward is done with a calm heart and a steady gaze.If Nicki Minaj aka Supermega Pop Star Mega Star Nicki Minaj is unable to walk in her dress at the VMA's what will humanity do then? Our best can't make it, that means you can't make it. So put on proper clothes, not Nicki Minaj.

Finding Inner Peace and Reason for Existence


When you get down to the core of walking its all about the spiritual enlightenment you have. Every mountain starts as a rock and every rock believes it can do it. Inside the enigmatic trans-dimensional mechanism known as the human mind, we have more power over the universe than we previously thought. The outcomes, despite how scientist claim to be defined clearly by superposition, can be altered greatly by just a single thought held strongly in place with faith. Lots of it. Like the great Naruto once said, "Believe it." and he's a Hocage, so we have to follow suit. Believe you can walk, and with that you'll defeat Pain and Madara. Because the real obstacle in walking is the person in the mirror.


I hope you have learned much from this and if you haven't, I believe you require teachings far beyond my skill level. I recommend a great mind like Stephen Hawking to teach you thought it may be difficult to grasp his methods on walking. I have said all I can say and with that, I'll say one final thing.


I believe in you. 


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