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A Few Old Stories, and Audiobooks

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Hello Fiction readers! 


I just thought I might share a  few of my old works, as well as my YouTube where I read several fanfictions as well. I wouldn't mind if folks share some for me to consider reading in the future! 


The two stories I have are :


To Try new things is a genderswap romance story for Rainbow and Twilight (Now known as Rainbow Blitz and Dusk Shine). I tried my best to write something slice of life, definitely not something that was ever my strongsuit. 


Off the Beaten path is unfinished, and I'm not sure if I'll get the time to finish it. It's a story of two sister's trapped in the depths of the Everfree forest. 

This is my YouTube. I read one of my own stories there, but there are plenty more you all can enjoy.


Go right ahead and just throw down your own stories here, and just feel free to chat. I'll try to get back to ye. <3

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1 hour ago, ramm said:

I just started your reading of awakening, it awsome:awesomedash: i love the way you read:awesomecheer:

Hehehe, I'm glad you like it <3 

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