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Sum up an episode in 8 words.

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I'm gonna do one for each episode, but I'll do it in intervals so I don't spam the place up. XD


Episode 1: Friendship is Magic Part 1: This is where it all begins, brony fandom!

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Magical Mystery Cure: Shit, out of episodes Uuuuhm... BUY OUR TOYS!

The Return of Harmony: Apply Rainbow Lasers of Doom(tm) to the Chaos!

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The Crystalling Part 1 and 2: Just Further proof a baby can destroy lives :P

The Gift of Maud Pie: She gave up her Cannon for her sister :cry:

On your marks: Poor Applebloom, but hey, she got a boyfriend ;)

Guantlet of Fire: OMG an episode with Spike that didn't suck :D

No Second Prances: Lose Respect in 30 minutes by Twilight Sparkle

Newbie Dash: Achievement Unlocked: "Life Dream" Accomplished - Rainbow Crash Unlocked

A Hearth's Warming Tail: Just loved the Christmas Carol story, Pony style

The Saddle Row Review: Best Episode of Season, Lots of Fun...SPOONS

Applejacks "Day" off: This is what working too hard can do

Flutter Brutter: This episode made me just so..so...PEEVED

Spice up your life: Oddly, Creative Pony tries making restaurant be similar 
Stranger than fan fiction: OMG they included a Daring Do Body Pillow

The Cart before the Ponies: Hasbro "Hey, Who wants a Mario Kart Game?"

28 Pranks Later: Cookies, Cookies, Ughhh, Cookies, Ughhh, Give us Cookies!!!

The Times They are a Changling: Why did Spike have to sing for exactly?

Dungeons and Discord: This is so Lame...What Character am I?

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On 8/31/2016 at 8:08 PM, Sidral Mundet said:

Party of One: The episode that inspired the fan fiction Cupcakes. 

Nope! Cupcakes predated the episode by a few weeks. Which made the airing of Party of One all the more disturbing for some bronies...

The Best Night Ever - Fluttershy finally cracks, you're going to love her.


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Bridle Gossip - There were no zombie ponies in this one.

28 Pranks Later - There were no zombie ponies in here, either.

Dragon Quest - Zombie ponies did not show up in this.

It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - Zombie ponies were surprisingly absent for this episode.

Canterlot Boutique - Breaking with tradition, there weren't any zombie ponies.

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