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Hello guys! Anne here. You might've seen me a few times before in the morning discussion.

I haven't been very active with ANYTHING at all lately. No chatting, no drawing. Nothing.

Some of you might know my DeviantArt page, HeedHeed. I draw Pony related art. All non pony related art isn't in my main gallery.

If you're curious, feel free to check out my DA page:

I have two mascots, one human and one pony. But this forum didn't accept the pony pic because it was too big, lol. So I had to pick the human. And the human picture is animated...Animation is always nice in my opinion. 

I haven't drawn for months, I'm sorry for that. It's just that I don't have much inspiration lately. And I've been trying to practice humans some more. 


Oh, I forgot to tell. I live in the Netherlands, speak Dutch and English. I'm 18 year old female, turn 19 the 23th of September. My hobbies include drawing, photography, cosplay, gaming, watching movies videos and shows. My favourite games include The Legend of Zelda, Bioshock Series and other stuff. I don't consider myself a brony. Just someone who enjoys animation as a form of entertainment. Just like I don't consider myself an Otaku because I watch anime. Cheers. 


I want to make some new friends too, so feel free to leave a message.


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Hello there, name's BadShot, local Dungeon Master and Best Changeling.


I run the Roleplay scene around here, if you are interested in such, just ask me for any questions you have.

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Hi, my name is I'veBeenCalledE but you can call me IBCE.

You know the person at the party that is in the corner on his phone? I'm the one that is sitting reading his texts wishing I had that something to do.(why did I type that?)

It's nice to see so many new faces here and I going to be great to stalk get to know you.

I hope you enjoy the forms and all it has to offer, and I'll see you soon. 

P.S Don't worry about not having any idea of what to draw. Just relax.

Plus here is a comic for when you get back.

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Added picture gift.

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