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I've been writing fanfic since about... 1995. My first stuff was on notebook paper. I still have it, somewhere in my house. As for my MLP stuff, I think it's all right if I toss some links up...


First off, my fimfic page, RK_Striker_JK_5.. yes, I am so original when it comes to my names. :p


As for stories, some of my best ones...


The Elements of Harmony and Savior of Worlds. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle manage to accidentally tunnel to another world, and encounter a figure from Equestria's history. It's G1/G4. It's also going through an extensive editing. I am very proud of it.


Twilight the Terrible. Nightmare Moon wakes up, but it's not the Equestria she expected. Another sits upon the Solar Throne. This one, I'm actually the most proud of.


Multiversal Harmony. This one is a fairly big collaboration between six fan-verses on fimfic. In a reality where Luna never fell, and no Bearers of the Elements of Harmony were found, the plunder vines capture the princesses. Discord breaks free, but finds chaos to be... boring. So he thinks outside the box-and the walls of reality-to free them.


If you read any of them, or my other stuff, hope you enjoy them.

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Wait seriously? Not a one comment here about these fanfics? I am currently reading Twilight the Terrible and to me it feels like textbook example of how fanfiction should be.

And Where No Pony Has Gone Before is fun too, I am following that story. And no I actually never watched the original series and yet I am interested... though admittedly I did had to consult Star Trek wiki about some names. Did watch all other series because hey it was on TV. 

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