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Ranking the Mane Six by Wealth

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1) Twilight - The Princess of Friendship is most likely the richest of the group. Even though her castle was created by magic and not bought, it is still a sign of her status and must be worth millions of bits. Unknown if she has access to government funds or has a salary.


2) Rarity - Owns multiple stores that cater to both the casual fashion pony and the rich and famous.


3) Rainbow Dash - Owns a very luxurious house. Is weather manager of Ponyville and a Wonderbolt, which is an elite group of flyers. Both jobs probably pay well.


4) Applejack - Her family owns Sweet Apple Acres. In terms of property value, I think AJ is richer than Rainbow Dash. But operating a farm is not cheap, and a bad season could spell trouble. I believe AJ has very little left over when expenses are considered.


5)  Fluttershy - The only reason I put her above Pinkie Pie is that she has her own house.


6)  Pinkie Pie - Lives in Sugarcube Corner, her work.


What are your thoughts?

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Not sure Twilight should be #1, since the castle might be like the White House - government property.  As far as I know, she's the only pony who doesn't have a paying job.  The rest of your list is quite reasonable, with the Dashie stuff only coming to light this year.  (After all, prior to "Tanks for the Memories", we only saw Dash sleeping on a stray cloud here and there.)


Of course, none of the six are as rich (pun not quite intended) as Filthy.

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I can agree for half of this list, Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie are arguable.


Twilight I can agree with, even before she became royalty she likely received some sort of tuition from Celestia to continue living inside that library and acquire whatever is necessary for her studies. The Library was an open one so she could not have been paid for that. Now that she's royalty she likely gets some form of budget, royal money or something of the sort from the Crown to cover expenses for herself, the maintenance of her castle and whatever princess-y expenses she sees fit. Plus she is the highest authority in the Ponyville area, in theory she could access whatever treasury or budget the local town hall has.


Applejack and Rarity obviously run their own respective businesses.


Pinkie's family owns an entire Rock farm. While I'm not sure what exactly a rock farm would generate in the form of income, someone has to be buying these rocks if they're 'farming' them. It's fair to say they earn enough to feed themselves and their four children: Pinkie, Maud, Marble and Limestone. And while the episode featuring her family does show them to be very simple folk with a very strong affinity for rocks, this kind of farm likely requires regular maintenance and supplies which need to be bought with money. Keeping the concept of a 'rock farm' in mind you could say that they also double as a gem mine (seeing as how abundant those are) and a rock query, so it's safe to assume that they sell both. While pinkie may not own a home of her own, she does however manage to purchase an insane amount of party supplies, confections (which even when preparing herself still require ingredients) and the various other things she's used over the seasons and very likely pays for those via some money she receives from her family rather than the salary of a simple baker.


Rainbow's job as a Weather pony likely pays a good bit, however the Wonderbolts thing is relatively recent so we can't say she became rich overnight by joining them. That considered, if they're like any performing troupe they get paid per-show instead of the usual per-monthly basis, however the Wonderbolts do seem to double as a military group of some sort and may have a monthly salary. Her house, while extravagant, feels about right for her character and seeing as how it's all made out of clouds it could be the home itself didn't really cost much to construct. Clouds are like play dough in the hands of a child to a trained pegasi. On the other hand, her family is a complete unknown as we've only seen her father and we know nothing about him.


Fluttershy's family seems to be very humble and it reflects in Fluttershy herself. I would assume her cottage was built with the aid of either the forest animals and some of the townsfolk or it was a derelict up until she moved in. It's possible the building was abandoned and she simply refurbished it after moving there. She doesn't quite strike me as the pony to have the large amounts of currency required to build a cottage like that from scratch.


What I've said considered I would personally form the list as follows: 

  1. Princess Twilight
  2. Rarity 
  3. Pinkie Pie
  4. Applejack 
  5. Rainbow Dash
  6. Fluttershy

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Well here is my list.


1. Princess Twilight - she is clearly from a well to do background and her royal status has just elevated that higher.

2. Rarity - Considering she has the means to open the third shop, yeah I'm going to agree that she must be doing well.

3. Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash - Yeah I'm actually going to put them in the same place because I feel they have similar income, Fluttershy's Cottage is just way too amazing to have been built on a budget and then there is Dash's cloud mansion.

4. Applejack - Even if she owns a farm, there have no signs that she employs workers, usually relies entirely on her family to help run the farm and quite often in the show, remarks that they are not doing so well moneywise.

5. Pinke Pie - As was mentioned above, she rents at the place she works at, I don't know about others, but if I had the means I wouldn't sleep above the place I work at.

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1. Rarity - She owns her own business including 3 stores and possibly more to come in the future - She is one of Equestria most successful designers and has to be giving a good wage to all the employees to look after her boutiques in Canterlot and Manehatten.

2. Applejack - The Apple Acres Farm is the biggest source of Apple based goods in Equestria, probably contributing 75% at least of the products across the land - She had enough money to have all of the timber and what not delivered in an hour so that her family could put up a brand new Barn during their family that is some serious money.

3. Pinkie Pie - Could very well be richer than we might realise :) Sure she lives at Sugarcube corner but if she is living rent free then she is saving a ton of money, she has alot of party products and emergency gifts on hand at all times, she maintains a cannon and she even afforded to have a secret cave built into someone else house to store all of her you know how much money something like that would cost?

4. Rainbow Dash - She has a job plus whatever she gets as a wonderbolt and her house is huge but of course we do not know if she brought the house or if it was given to her by her parents.

5. Fluttershy - Similar to Rainbow Dash but we know she only has one job and in some ways, it is a charity for creatures but she did manage to get herself a house although this might have been with help from her parents.

6. Twilight Sparkle - She has nothing, She has had everything so far gifted to her from not one but TWO amazing homes, all of her dresses are gifts from Rarity and now as Princess she gets things for free...However, this means she earns nothing so technically this makes her the least wealthy :D

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Ranked by money available to spend freely?


1. Rarity - She is the sole owner of her business, The Carousel Boutique. Her business has been so successful, she could afford to open up two more locations, and hire staff to manage them in her absence.

2. Applejack - Unlike Rarity, she isn't the sole owner of her business, Sweet Apple Acres. Her income is divided among the Apple Family. Still, they do have a monopoly on all apple and apple related goods sold in Ponyville.

3. Rainbow Dash - As lead weather pony, she was already doing quite well for herself, as evident by her cloud mansion. By becoming a Wonderbolt, she only increased her pay. Surely they make more than the weather team.

4. Fluttershy - I can't say with confidence what she does professionally, but what I can say is that she owns her own property, and clearly makes enough money to support both herself and all those animals.

5. Pinkie Pie - She bakes confectionery as a part time employee of Sugarcube Corner. I can't imagine that pays a tremendous sum. After all, she is the only one who still doesn't have her own house. She rents a room instead.

6. Twilight Sparkle - I give her last place because I don't think she actually does anything. I believe she lives off an allowance from Celestia disguised as some kind of research fund. Maybe magic research?

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