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The Illustrious Q

Where to Buy Original Comic Used Art

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The links listed below will probably make life easier. :P

Figure it would help make it a little easier for everyone who is looking to buy original comic art if they knew where they could purchase it from. What's listed here is what is available online that I know of. Please do not post links to eBay auctions unless they are from the artist themselves.

Katie Cook
Comic Art House—Limited Selection of Original Covers

Tony Fleecs
Online Store

Jay Fosgitt
Comic Art House

Agnes Garbowska
Comic Art House

Brenda Hickey
Comic Art House—FIENDship is Magic Issue 1 Pages 1 – 4
Online Store

Amy Mebberson
Cadence Comic Art—Limited Selection Original Covers

Andy Price
Comic Art House
Online Store

Sara Richard
Online Store

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