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Amazing Mr. X

Hello Everypony!

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Hey guys! I'm The Amazing Mr. X, big time FiM fan, tumblr role player, shameless furry, passable programmer, and avid gamer. I picked up on Friendship is Magic right around the run of its first season and have been sticking with it ever since. I check EQD at least once a week for general updates on the show but haven't gotten seriously involved with anything here before now. That said, new forums always interest me so I thought I might make an account and poke around here for a little while.

If you're interested, you can check out my website for links to my tumblr blogs and my steam profile.

I'm sure I'll see you all around!

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Hi, my name is I'veBeenCalledE but you can call me IBCE.

You know the person at the party that is in the corner on his phone? I'm the one that is sitting reading his texts wishing I had that something to do.(why did I type that?)

It's going to be great to stalk get to know you.

I hope you enjoy the forms and all it has to offer, and I'll see you soon.


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