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My collection spans from 1982 to present time, here i will show you my pre-G4 specimens.

Some of them may be dusty but i don't dare washing them for fear of accidentally erasing their cutie marks.

These are the oldest: 


Now Applejack and Firefly:


An early version of Rarity:


I love this one whose eyes resemble gemstones: 



I love that little one. Don't you think it's cute too?


This one has a doll-like eye mechanism and a more elaborate cutie mark:


Now, we're entering the nineties:


Here comes G3:





And the famous and beloved G3.5:


Sweetie Belle, my dears!




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1 hour ago, Toki Zensekai said:



No, seriously, what exactly am I suppose to be seeing?

I'll have to post images one by one due to technical issues with my computer. I'll edit the first post several times until all of them are visible.

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I only have a photo of one, who was my very first. This is Tickle, a pegasus with a feather for a cutie mark. Oh how I loved her!10644197_10208704076058144_6411131753795

She had a few changes of clothes, including a wedding dress. I'll never forget how fun the shoes were to fiddle with. Sadly my baby sister gave her a hair cut when she was little, so her hair isn't as long and pretty as it was 30 years ago. She currently resides with my parents, being played with by my 2 year old niece when she visits. The above photo was taken at my parents' when I visited last winter.


I also had a blue unicorn filly named Baby Ribbon with yellow hair and a red stripe, and a red bow for a cutie mark. I pretended she was Tickle's baby, and I imagined up a stallion to be Ribbon's father and drew up a whole coloring  for the three of them. I must have been 10ish in age.


Then one of my friends gave me a green earth pony with jewel eyes, mostly pink hair (I don't remember her as well). Don't remember what her cutie mark or name was, but I loved her eyes.

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What an interesting story behind those toys.

I believe my first one was the big one from the 11th photo in the first post. I bought it to act as a sitter for a painting i did in the Art School.

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I have a few G1 ponies packed away. I long ago lost the accessories, and one of the ponies is rather faded. (I even have a seapony.) They show all the signs of having been well-loved by a little girl. Maybe I should dig them out and take pictures. (One of them is tiny with really neat butterfly wings that I'm surprised are still intact. Not a flutterpony, because her wings are colored.)

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Gonna bump this to post the document I'm making on all the pony items I own!


It's right here


Also OP, your ponies really need some cleaning, lol. I recommend the MLP Preservation Project learn how to restore ponies. Even just some basic things like cleaning them with a magic eraser and defrizzing their hair would do wonders.

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