Ways to Prevent Spam Bots From Joining

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For a while now, I've felt like spam had a bit more of a presence here than other forums I've been to (though that could just be because there's not as much active staff here as those sites, no offense to the staff on this site, I'm sure you're doing your best), but yesterday was ridiculous. There were several spam bots posting hundreds (Thousands? I know at least one made over 1,000 posts, but I'm not sure how much others had.) of threads. I've never seen it anywhere near that bad (and I'm not just referring to this site). I do have a couple ideas on how to prevent them from joining. One is setting it so new users are on a moderation queue until a moderator approves one of their posts. Another is to add a captcha or something similar to the registration process (assuming there isn't one already). That might not completely stop spammers from joining, though I'd hope it would at least reduce it.


I'm don't know how viable either of these options are, but I thought I'd bring it up.

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I wanted to close registrations for the time being to let these bots scram away but I kinda like defaulting everyone to mod approval, although it won't be nice to actual bronies.

Also we already have a captcha on the registration form.

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