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I am quite a bashed, not knowing how to appropriately assert myself forward thorough in these forums. I am going to make a statement start off by show that I am indeed a Chinese person who is from a non-US country and lives in Asia. I have been watch this show since 2014 and I have enjoy it much. My favorite pony is the Rarity because she is like my the grandmother who also makes clothes and sell when she was not deceased. I also like the Pinkie Pie a lot because she makes me smile a lot from how she is. She is such a happy pony. I am pleased to be able to meet and speak to bronies from many lands and talk with them about the show I enjoy within myself. I am very pleased to make of you my friend and talk to buddy. 


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Welcome to the forum!


I am from non-US too and come from Greenland. I think I'm the only greenland member on this forum

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