The Bomb

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2 hours ago, I'veBeenCalledE said:


You guys asked for it... cuts some wires  30 seconds!

Bomb timer: 90 seconds

*Cuts a few more wires.*


9 seconds.


Bomb timer: 99 seconds.

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throws bomb into the Arctic sea. Now no one will blow up.

Here's a new bomb that is set for 1000 seconds. You can take up to 10 seconds off the bomb.


But now there a twist latest?cb=20120413024357 (not sorry)

You can freeze the bomb causing you not to take time off but you can only use it once.

Or take a chance and challenge someone to take up to 20 seconds off by having a roll off!

Click the link and the person with the highest number can tell the person to take off the double the seconds they took off before.

Make sure you quote them so they can receive your challenge. You can still post if you have not challenged anyone.


Well that's the rules. It begins...

Bomb timer: 1000 seconds.


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