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So I have been posting on forums before but never really saw one that was based around MLP. My name is Andrew but I mainly go under the tag of SuperShermanTanker due to my love of learning about history and armoured vehicles. I am very good a computers and love doing photography and videography and occasionally upload a video to my YouTube channel called SuperShermanTanker. My hobbies are building computers and recording and editing videos, I also like to go bike riding and do volunteer work. My current computer I use is a massive  $1200 desktop I call the Tank and my laptop is a little Alienware 13 laptop. Also for anyone into photography I use a Nixon D5300.

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Hi, my name is I'veBeenCalledE but you can call me IBCE.

You know the person at the party that is in the corner on his phone? I'm the one that is sitting reading his texts wishing I had that something to do.(why did I type that?)

It's nice to see so many new faces here and I going to be great to stalk get to know you. I hope you enjoy the forms and all it has to offer, and I'll see you soon.

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