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Wow... um.  maybe I should have done one of these first...  It's been years since I've been on a forum.  Anyway...  Allow me to introduce myself.  NO?  Well too bad I'm going to do it anyway.


I'm ZeBronyCaptain (Say it with me "Zay-Bro-Knee" since evidently some people have a hard time saying it...)  Or just Captain if you prefer.. Though I'll answer to "hey you" and "that one guy" on occasion.

I'm not new to the fandom by any means, though I usually prefer to stick to the shadows.  Seeking the most opportune moment to strike.  I dabble here and there in art and fanfiction writing (under a different name mind you) and just recently started putting together episode reviews on my youtube channel.  It's not much, but it's a start at least.


So to answer a few questions right off the bat.

Did you really just plug your own channel?  Why yes.  Yes I did.  Shameless promotion for the win!

Why join the forum?  I felt it would be a better waste of my time, and gives me the opportunity for deeper discussion than the comment sections of the regular EQD posts.

Why a zebra?  Honestly... why not?  It actually seemed the best fit for me.  And it kind of just stuck.


That's pretty much what I've got to say at the moment.  So without further ado.  Have a complimentary popcorn.  Forum drama is one of the best shows in the universe.  And enjoy the ride ^_^

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Hey mate, welcome to the forums. Cool to see another lurker around. Hope you find that deeper discussion you're looking for.


And thanks for the popcorn.

Yeah, watching dramas unfold from a safe distance is rather fun, huh?

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6 hours ago, AaronMk said:

A little late, but still fashionable:

Better late than never! ^_^

3 hours ago, Lunar Holiday said:


Enjoy your stay here.

For you shall never leave,

the family.

No one ever leaves the family :ajlie:

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