/) from an original brony (\

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"Lets get this party started"-Pinkie Pie (season two episode 26)


/) hello my fellow bronys my name is Crash and Burn, and I am super excited to meet all of you.


As one of the originals to jump on the Pony band wagon back in late 2011.  I assure you if you need help with the fandom or something cool to watch, I am your mare. I enjoy talking about the show, and the fandom in general. I been to many convention including ponycon 2013, trotcon 2012, and Pon3con in 2014. In my many years into this fandom I know there is a darker side to it and I general do not discuss or partake in anything of that nature. I joined this fandom for the art, music, and general love of the community, and I plan to stay that way.  Now in the royal Canterlot voice i bid <GREETINGS AND LET THE FUN BEGIN>

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