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Blind Bag / Mini Ponies!

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I was collecting them but currently selling them to focus only on the brushables. Nevertheless, here is a picture of them all in a pile before I started selling (195 of them here)

27911414531_523826ed36.jpgMini ponies by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr


and a few fav pics I took over the past years

7204799696_d1dc5dfd1f.jpgUntitled by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr


10840071103_bbcb54aba2.jpgQueen Chrysalis & Princess Celestia by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr


14091167348_bac3c31886.jpgThunderlane & "Muffin" by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr


14129021268_cb947056f4.jpgMosely Orange by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr


7932702074_650b77f688.jpgUntitled by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr


20679914962_776d5bd51f.jpgHelia by ☆ Flitter ☆, on Flickr

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