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InklingBear's HUGE Archive of Music

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So I have like a HUGE amount of music, but I'm not going to post it all here. Over the course of 3 years of music compositioning, and gradually getting better overtime, I have 120+ songs in total. This post may be subject to change constantly, as it is not a finalized post. Ice bear has been so hype in the music industry since March 2014. :3

What you see below is an album archive of all the songs that I have done over the years for the fandom. Also includes album and song details.


2 0 1 4 :

4MAZING STORY by fractilx (2014)


21 total tracks
Cheese Sandwich's Party Bash [Hardcore]
everypony's reminiscience [Downtempo]
Flim-Flam Tonic [Saloon]
HYPER WIND (Breezies) [Hardcore]
I Can Do This [Trance House]
Ice Archery [Trance]
Let The Rainbow Remind You (fractilx's trance of destiny remix) [Trance]
Maud Pie -sister trance- [Trance]
P3R [Speed Rave]
Ponyville -true destiny- [Hard Trance]
Powerless Magic [Post-Hardcore]
Rainbow Falls (Traders Excange Uplifting mix) [Trance]
Rainbow Trance (Rainbow Falls Reinterpretation) [Trance]
rottel-the-Tonic [Gabber]
space pegasi (crescent and hunter) [Drum 'n Bass]
stellar eclipse [Hardcore]
Sweetie Dreamare [Drum 'n Bass]
The Rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts (fractilx remix) [R&B]
TIREK [Hardcore DnB]
Trend Setter (fractilx remix) [Industrial Breaks] | original by HACKD
zone of dreams -Celestial Ver.- [Ambient]

4VBP (4 Various Brony Projects) by Fractilx (2013 ~ 2014)


8 total tracks
aurora of snowdrop [Ambient]
automne [Happy Hardcore]
Canterlotの戦い [Hardcore DnB]
dr. whooves and luvin' [Ambient]
fallen kindness [Drum 'n Bass]
GalaCon Virtual 2014 [Chiptune]
Thundercloud project II [Drum 'n Bass]
Your destiny awaits you.. [Ambient] | Appears on Dinky's Destiny OST

Apple Bloom 'n Babs EP by D2L & YURIMEAS (2013 ~ 2014)


3 total tracks
Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.1 [Downtempo]
Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.2 [Downtempo]
Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.3 [Downtempo]

I Gave You My All by Fractilx (2014~)


11 total tracks (as of now)

Air Guardian [UK Hardcore]
CeLeSTiaL (radio edit) [Hyper J-Pop]
chickhaos!! [Schranz]

Motivational Future [Future House]
o'er the rainbow [IDM]
rottel-NEON-MASH [Rotterdam]
Sheening Diamond Tiara [House]
sparkling!! [Trance]
The Energy of Love [Trancecore]
We Can Do This (instrumental mix) [Hard Trance]


2 0 1 5 :

5PECTACULAR 5EASON -first half- by Fractilx (2015 ~ 2016)


9 total tracks
= [Ascii Hardcore]
a cutie mark won't change you (dreaming mix) [Breakcore] | Appears on Cider Party
Bumble bear "eq. battle mix" [Schranz]
fly!!fly!!rainbow!!! [Happy Hardcore]
J2R [Rave]
miss you golden oak library -sorrow- [IDM]
tantabus (nightmare mix) [Breakcore]
What is life? [IDM]
wings of white [Trance]

5PECTACULAR 5EASON -second half- by Fractilx (2015 ~ 2016)


9 total tracks
Drag 'n Posh [Electro House]
Friends Are Always There For You (fractilx remix) [Happy Hardcore] | original by Daniel Ingram
Inspection Fashion [Ambient/Breakcore]
Marble and a Macintosh [Big Beat]
On My Flank [Trap]
Starlight D-termination [Hardcore DnB]
thank you A.K.R. [Trance]
The Magic Inside (fractilx remix) [Hands Up] | original by Daniel Ingram
We'll Make Our Mark (fractilx remix) [UK Hardcore] | original by Daniel Ingram

A Great, Old Time (We Bare Bears Fan Music & Remix Compilation) by Fractilx, D.G. URSALA and Cii (2015)


11 total tracks (6 from me)
bearstack (There For You) [Dream Pop]
Free Fur All RMX [Electro House]
It all started as a comic [Orchestral Pop]
T.M.S (The World's Most Coolest Bears) [R&B/Twerk]
VACUUM PAL (combat mode) [Techno]
かわいい☆パンダ -万華鏡 mix- [Chipcore]


Dinky's Destiny OST by Sipher & Fractilx (2015)


7 total tracks (3 from me)



Luna's Theme [Filmscore]

Celestial Planes [Ambient]

2 0 1 6 :

Love Tales EP by Fractilx (2016)


5 total tracks (+2 bonus tracks)
Angel's Defiancy (fw.Kyu♥) [Chiptune Techno]
Little Uproar [UK Hardcore] | Appears on Ponies @ Dawn - Awakening
Majority of Mares (ft. gmIX-k) [Trance House]
X.O.X.O [Breakbeat/Lounge]
Zen Jewels [Drumstep]

A bear joins the herd... by うすうすベア (2016)


7 total tracks (+1 bonus track)
burstin' sun [Happy Hardcore] | Appears on King Mars: A Tribute
CIDR.XXX [Gabber] | Appears on Cider Party
It's Derpy Day! [Chipcore]
Peeved & Profanity [Hardtek]
Rainbow Dream Race [Happy Hardcore]



16 total tracks


11842739 [IDM]

A Changeling Can Change (うすうすベア Bootleg) [Happy Hardcore]

Chickenjack [French House]

Chickanjack (Instrumental Mix) [French House]

DRAGON POWER [Orchestral]

Flurry Heart (Season 6 Remaster) [Happy Hardcore]

GUYS' NIGHT RPG [Jazz Fusion]

Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (うすうすベア Remix) [Happy Hardcore]

Lunar Ascension [Drum 'n Bass]

Ponies of the Sea [BGM]

Reshaper (ft. gmIX-k) [Jungle]

Reshaper -resolve- (ft. gmIX-k) [Trancecore]

SWEEP SWEEP (うすうすベア KOG G3 MIX) [Euro Rave]

tsundember [Garage/House]

Zephyr★Breeze (radio edit) [Trance]


The legend of Ice bear - EP (2016)


4 total tracks (+1 bonus track)


tundramania [Trance] | Appears on A State of Sugar

whiteout bond [Trance]

remembering you (ft. gmIX-k) [Liquid DnB]

pathcrosser [Psytrance/DnB] Appears on A State of Sugar and Horse Music Central Vol. 1


And A Snake Tail (fractilx remix) | The Horses Want Techno (2015)
Apples In Da House [House] | Balloon Party 3.5: Equine Morality - The Clean Sweep (2015)
bloomin' filly [UK Hardcore] | Balloon Party 3.5: Equine Morality - The Clean Sweep (2015)
Diamond Slalom [Drum 'n Bass] | Ponies @ Dawn - Snowfall (2015)
luvstruck -timebond- (ft. gmIX-k) [Trance House] | King Mars: A Tribute (2016)
l'amour de chiot (Affection Mix) [Happy Hardcore] | LycanDeseBeats: Beats Me 2! (2016)
Mr. Whiskers (fractilx remix) [Drum 'n Bass] | original by Vylet Pony | Super Pony World Deluxe Version (2016)
NIGHTWING STIMUL8R [Schranz] | Pinkamena Party 4 - Chromatic H32 (2016)
Party 4U (For Pinkie Pie Remix) [Rave] | TrotMania Chrystalize (2013)

polaris [House] | Horse Music Central Vol.2 Winter Edition
Revengance of the Midnight Centaur [Hardcore Renaissance] | TrotMania Aeternum Obscurum: Dawnfall (2016)

SAVE DAPI [Drum 'n Bass] | TrotMania Aeternum Obscurum (2015)

the last whiteout [Speed Chillout] | Horse Music Central Vol. 2 Winter Edition

Twilight Causes Eternal Winter [Freeform/Gabber] | Pinkamena Party - CH32RISTMAS (2016)

That's all of the tracks i'm listing here for now. :P

This is not every track that I've posted here.

Have fun reading this ginormous post of music XD

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